Choose your Love, Love your Choice


One cliché we often hear is that

“There is always a choice”

But the question ultimately boils down to:

"Are you willing to make the change? Even when it is you who is fighting the change?"

We are all creatures of habit. Our results are dependent on those acts that we repeatedly do. Unfortunately our society measures our results in terms of wealth, attractiveness, social media followers, likes, comments… These metrics reflect your outward appearance and rewards those who manage to build an image that is outwardly attractive.

But the rewarding of an outwardly attractive image overlooks the daily habits & choices we must make each time we wake up. There is no immediate reward for choosing to do your daily pushups.

It is YOU who chooses your dumbbells, even if you know they will pose new challenges everytime more weight is added.

It is YOU who chooses to avoid soda, or to ignore the temptations and cravings to take in more carbs before bed (especially when everyone around you is enjoying it).

It is YOU who chooses to binge watch instead of sleeping early, knowing full well the nagging headache you will give yourself tomorrow due to lack of sleep.

Life is full of difficult choices, often it becomes more difficult keeping good habits when the stress piles on. But these habits & choices, they reinforce each other. It is we who determine where we ultimately want to go, which choices we think are best, and whether to maintain the habits that we KNOW will get us to the rewards we seek for ourselves.

In our ongoing battles with difficult choices and thankless habits, it’s helpful to remember the wisdom of Aristotle when he said:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”

Centuries old saying, but certainly no cliché.

Tuloy tuloy lang, Mic n Al


A Rolling Stone gathers no…

Is being distracted while making a choice (such as food on the menu) helping or hindering you? Here is an interesting take for whenever we are on a plan but get confronted with a buffet table and see our favorite regrettable decision (chocolate cake anyone?).

Do you have time? To choose or not to choose…

Stretch Armstrong

Most of us aren’t going to the gym to prepare for a major physical competition. We just have this urge to feel happy so we want to hit the irons and get the pumps. Considering this, it can be sooooo easy to skip the pre-workout stretching. What about planning our recovery time? Here’s a detailed breakdown to help us keep it in the routine.

The surprising role stretching plays in weight-loss and exercise


Automatic Leadership

Remember that introduction about choices and habits? They play an important role in transitioning from good to great leader. Read on to find out what those 4 habits are and why they can make all the difference, every single day.

Making the Jump From Good to Great Leadership Starts With Mastering These 4 Habits

Morning Phase

Can we really change the outcome of the day? Well, it seems that there are concrete ways of doing exactly that. Some days just don’t start out the way you want them to right from the minute you wake up. Instead of waiting and hoping that things will get better, try some of these tips to ensure they truly get better.

Take hope! The day can still be saved!

How to Salvage Some Productivity After a Crappy Morning


Daddy writes money letters

If only we’d learned that important money lesson when we were still young! As kids, we often aren’t receptive to these kinds of lessons. Earlier is better but lucky for us, it’s never too late to learn and grow our financial knowledge. Here is one moving letter from father to daughter showing his love by reflecting on his life learnings about money which is highly relevant to all ages and backgrounds.

Read. Learn. Love. Save and Grow Money!

A father’s day letter to his daughter about his own hard-won money wisdom

Should learn to live with it…But I don’t want to!

When Chicago, the ‘Rock band with horns’, released their acclaimed album ‘Chicago 17’. They said in an interview:

Each album is just a spontaneous documentation of where the band is at at that particular time

Let’s all try to remember that despite all attempts at habits, goals & plans, at the end of the day, inspiration can’t be forced. Hard habit to break Hard habit to break


Image Credit Oliver Roos Title Quotation: Thomas Monson

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