Planetary Reset

The entire planet is in reset mode. Though we have gone a long way from our ancient predecessors in terms of progress and innovation, humanity has been humbled these past two years by the novel coronavirus.

With vaccines now rolling out (even if a little slowly), we were both getting pretty excited to seize the opportunities of ‘post-pandemic’. But now, 18 months in, the Delta variant appears ready to send us back into lockdown.

And maybe good thing for all of us.

We have seen images of clear blue city skylines because of lesser carbon footprints. We have discovered that working from home has real tangible benefits for us. In being disconnected to the outside world, we have reconnected more with our family and friends.

So maybe the planet gets to breathe easy for just a little bit longer. Maybe we have just a little bit more time to figure our how to reset the economy in a way that will ensure a brighter, cleaner future for the generations to come.

Tuloy-tuloy lang ang Paglalayag!

Mic and Al

Cancer of Tropics

The farther we go down life’s journey, the more often our bodies will remind us about the healthy choices we made in previous years. But it’s astounding how quickly our bodies can recover and improve with even small changes to our lifestyle. Science is teaching us new things all the time.

Sometimes new science just reaffirms benefits that we’ve always known, like the roles played by different phytochemicals present in fruit juices, in preventing cancer

Other times, weird diets come along that produce results that are totally surprising to experts and reveal totally new insight about how parts of our bodies really work. The ketogenic diet is an example that was very controversial in the last decade and has only started receiving real scientific scrutiny in the last few years.

Could a ketogenic diet be helpful with brain cancer?

One of the challenges with healthy living and diets, is that they don’t always provide options using ingredients that are easily avaialable in tropical countries. Here’s one that’ll go nicely with your next isaw or inihaw

Let’s get down to digital business

We are in an age where income opportunities online are everywhere around us. Pretty much anyone can be an online start-up with no prior experience, technical skills or initial investment.

The basic steps for starting your online business from scratch

As things get going, new ideas/challenges, other responsibilities & self-doubt can all come along to knock you off track make it difficult to maintain discipline.

3 Tips for Long-Term Success in Your Home-Based Business

The world of online business can be a confusing and intimidating place. But in many ways, the game is still new and while the solutions offered by the big players seem impressive, they continue to underserve the market in predictable ways which will continue to present lots of niche opportunities to passionate, motivated up-starts.

What happens when a mussel flexes in Canada?

Life is all about evolution and revolution. What students and scientists are seeing in their own part of the universe is very astounding, if not alarming.

Shellfish boiled by the recent heat wave in Canada

Though we might like to tells ourselves that Filipino Mussels are made of sturdier stuff. We may also discover one day that the butterfly effect brings similar stories a bit too close for comfort.

Does global warming require evolutionary or revolutionary change? Well, that’s a discussion that we are not going to resolve in a single episode. However, we are intrigued when big ideas come our like A roadmap for 143 countries, including the Philippines to achieve 100% renewable energy.

You can also find the full-study here. Just a heads-up though, It’s rather looooooong.

Note to Self

Life aboard presents a kaleidoscope of experiences, visions, learnings, cursing, doubt and surrender. Same with being a mountaineer, a weekend trekker, a marathon enthusiast.

Whatever moves you and leads you to places, see what no others can or refuse to see. When you have the time, make a journal or a diary, so as not to forget that specific gift of your time and travel.

Sometimes your journal entries may also inspire and educate others.

Learning sailor’s lingo and techniques from reading anchoring reports

This Alpinist & Poet was willing to commit his toes to his quest for Everest, but hands were too much to ask. In the end, the mountain had other ideas for him.


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