Maiden Voyage

As I write this, I am just a stone’s throw away from the Laguna lake. After a heavy rain, you get a majestic view, a play of light and shade blending with the Makati Ciy’s skyline. The scenery is just right to go, ride a boat, then sail forward.

Our ‘paglalayag’

Welcome to our maiden voyage! The first edition of our newsletter. Thank you for joining us.

Tuloy-tuloy lang ang Paglalayag!

Mic Carlos

Anyone here who has gone fishing? Or tried relaxing all day adrift in the sea, just going where the wind blows your sail? Or just having that wonderful thought that tomorrow, you will be out there riding a ship going to land you have never set foot on.

Paglalayag’s purpose is to be a voice that hopefully inspires and helps anyone starting, stuck, or resetting their own personal life-voyages.

Here’s the catch, preparation is key. As some people seem to go thru life with so many assumptions, here is a resource that tells us about how taking the time to prepare, to practice has and will always be the most important part of this process, this journey, this one called life.

The Gray Area Between a Superstar and a Fool

Taking guts, going out of the ruts

Here is a resource that talks about anti-biotics and its probable adverse effects to us. Probiotics could be the way forward for our guts. Disclaimer: cover photo is from the author’s article, not mine… just want to get that out there.

The 2-Step Plan For Restoring Your Gut After Antibiotics: A Doctor Explains

Food supplement lovers beware!

Not everything you see is what you get, especially for over the counter dietary supplements.

Experts Reveal Hidden Dangers Behind Supplements

Change happens

All of us wants that notion of changing for the better. Turns out, too much of a good thing may set you back instead.

The Paradox of Behavior Change

Worrying isn’t working

Are we truly aware of what various kinds of stress do to us? It seems that there is always a better alternative in dealing with this, and it’s not hard as one may think.

How to fight stress with Empathy

Good Life Traits

Things have evolved a bit since we all started talking about introverts & extroverts. You might be surprised by which one made this cut.

The 5 Personality Traits That Make for a Better Life


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